Instagram is getting bigger every day and this has convinced the Instagram platform to use complex algorithms. In fact, Instagram has got many sections and every section’s algorithm is so complicated that it baffles many users. This is a bigger issue for businesses that want to step into this ocean of content.

As of 2019, more than 50 billion photos are shared on the Instagram platform. The number itself shows that Instagram is a great market for branding. If you need more proof, think about the fact that in just 2 years, number of Instagram users doubled, from 500 million to 1 billion. So if the numbers have tempted you, check out the rest.

Instagram algorithm breakdown

Instagram uses different algorithms for different parts such as feed or story feed ranking. When a post is published on Instagram, the algorithm watches the engagement of that post. Engagement consists of different factors such as the number of likes, comments, the time that people spend on that post and etc. The key point is that the Instagram algorithm in 2019 started to care more about percentages than numbers.

As a result, the number of people who liked a post to the number of people who saw that post is crucial. That’s where high-quality content and high-quality followers pop up. If somehow you were able to gain some audience who need exactly your product, that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

That’s the key point of the Instagram algorithm 2019: HIGH-QUALITY FOLLOWERS!

And that’s where micro-influencers pop up! Let’s talk about them.

Which accounts are called mico-influencers?

Accounts with followers between 10K to 100K are often called micro-influencers. The figure below shows that as the number of followers increases, the rate of engagement decreases. Take a celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo with 157M followers. The truth is that the engagement rate of an account with 20K followers is about 6 times the engagement of Cristiano’s account.

Let’s say a car company, for example, contacts a celebrity with 10 million followers to advertise them. With that audience, your products will be seen by many people, but most of them are not car fans. However, there are many micro-influencer accounts that are in love with cars. So with the same amount of money, you can contact with 50 micro-influencer and have your brand on their feed.

Moreover, the engagement rate is much higher for micro-influencers and more interacting followers will come to you. As Instagram gets bigger and bigger, more micro-influencers will rise and in the near future, we may see that the Instagram algorithm make the micro-influencers the dominant accounts.

Micro-influencers has already made the audience

If you are willing to start online marketing and make your business famous on Instagram, get help from micro-influencers. These accounts have high-quality audiences that can help you find your customers. You can find them by searching through your own followers and people who are already posting content about your related products. Due to their high engagement rates, micro-influencers perform much better on Instagram marketing.