Instagram stories offer an easy way for social marketers and entrepreneur to have more engagement with their followers and to humanize their brand by taking advantage of one of the fastest-growing social networks so these are the main reasons to understand the Instagram story algorithm.

Why Instagram stories don’t go chronological?

According to the Instagram story algorithm, the order that viewers of your stories are not in regular order, so knowing the Instagram story will give you more chance to be on the Explore page and top on Feed.

Applied to Instagram algorithm Feed, Posts with more engagement from your followers and also post with the high engagement could have more chances to be on top posts on explore page. Maybe similar to the Posts, Instagram story algorithm states that stories get arranged from the accounts that you pay more attention to them.

Like an Old Master, Instagram keeping its main secrets and pass it from a generation to the next one. According to the show with Thomas Dimson, there are 3 main effects that can influence your rank on Instagram. Timeliness, Interests, and Relationship. Also, the Instagram engineers revealed that click the like, put a comment and also visiting a profile will have the same impact as well. So is there a same algorithm behind the Stories, too?

How are the views on Instagram Stories ranked?

Your story viewers list is based on the Instagram story algorithm that is similar to the whole Instagram algorithm. According to Julian Gutman, product lead for Instagram Home, account which appear on the top in your Instagram based on who you engaged with the most and also whom you recently viewed their stories.

Gutman had an interview with the Verge, to explain how story viewers rank in your list and It is actually based on your activity rather than their activity like stalking on your account. The Instagram story algorithm knows that who you have the more interaction with and will then place them at the top of your Instagram Stories viewers list because it knows which accounts have more priority for you.

As Gutman said the Instagram story algorithm “based on your activity and the people you’re closest to.”

The people that show up on the list are not the people that stalk you the most. So what is the fact behind that? Dou you visiting their profile? Do you comment on their Posts? Do you visit their post?

The main reasons are that is your interactions with their accounts, and how often you check in to see who viewed your story. But sometimes when you open your Instagram You see the newer person that are you barely known. So, Instagram prefers to show a list of new people if you check your list multiple times. So according to this interview, Instagram feed order change from chronological to algorithmic.

How to rank up your feed using Stories!?

Instagram has brought many options in its story panel in order just to have more interaction between users. So don’t forget to use them if you want to be top on the list and high enough in Feed. So just a simple 2 option can motivate your followers who see your stories to visit your profile and act in your profile as well.

  1. Polls inside the Instagram Stories

Instagram launched a feature recently that allows users to add interactive polls to their Stories. Instagram Story polls are a great way to find out your followers’ likes, dislikes and what they’d like to see in your account and also one of the best ways to know your audience. Add a CTA in some of your post stories using polls to let customers know they can book or reserve directly from your Instagram profile.

  1. Use links in your Stories

Just pull up to see the link. The easiest way to introduce your followers to see your whole site, your customers to buy your goods, and so. One of the best things about Instagram Stories for business is to tag and put links. With this amazing feature, you can link out to your own hosted content assets or, if you’re an e-commerce marketer, to product pages. Currently, this feature is only available to business profiles with more than 10,000 followers. Use a short URL or direct them to your Instagram link in your bio. Don’t forget to use the phrase “SWIPE UP”  to convince your audiences to engage more and more.


Instagram Stories is a feature within the Instagram app where users can capture and post related images and video content in a slideshow format. Each year Instagram has an update that introduces new features such as Stories, Live stream, and more. Instagram Stories adds more freedom and flexibility to Instagram marketing (if you beat the Instagram story algorithm!) despite changes in the platform and user behavior. With so many reasons to use it, why not try Instagram Story now?