Instagram for Business in 2019

There are three powerful strategies that you’ll be able to use right away to help grow your Instagram account.

1) Switch to business account

There was a little bit of grumbling when Instagram business accounts first came out.  People thought that their accounts wouldn’t do as well but here’s the thing. I went back and forth with mine as both personal and Instagram business account, and I had zero changes in the number of likes and comments.

It’s due to the algorithm changes on Instagram which affected how things go. But for Instagram business you get a lot of extra features, analytics and most importantly you can add your phone number, directions, and an email address.

Those are the ways that people can directly contact you and find out more about your business besides just that one link on Instagram. It’s really important for small businesses to set up their account properly as an Instagram business account and then to add your phone number, email, and directions in order that people can find you.

2) Add your location on every Instagram post

Post with locations on them get more interaction and it will help people to find you by clicking on that location. When you create posts on Instagram there’s a location which is like a drop shape. You click on that and that’s where you can add your location.  If you’re in your community as a small business owner, you probably network with other business owners. So help each other and tag them as well.

Think about how your location helps people find you, just like if they’re walking by you. Check out if your state or your city going on as far as hashtags go for your area and make sure that you tag all the locations whether it’s a neighborhood, city, or your state. Make sure that you get into that conversation with your hashtags and add in the location to every post.

3) Make your location Instagrammable

Let people know you’re on Instagram. You could put a little sign on your counter saying “Hey, tag us on Instagram” and let people know what your Instagram handle is with your @mention and your Instagram name.
You could set up little vignettes in different areas. It would be great for people to take pictures and share. And then make sure that you go back and check on Instagram to comment on people’s posts once they’ve been to your location. They might post something really great that you might want to post back on your Instagram account as well.

Those are few tips on how to grow your Instagram business. There are also promotions and a whole bunch of different ways but these are three easy ways that you can implement today to help more people find your small Instagram business.

Also, there is one easy way to make all those happen quickly.


AIGrow is one of the best tools to grow your Instagram in terms of followers and finding customers for your business. It helps you schedule your Instagram activities automatically. You are able to attract thousands of eager Instagram users to your Instagram business every month using hashtags. You can even aim at your competitors’ followers and drive them to your own Instagram business. All you need to do is a click and wait for the result.

It allows you to send direct messages any time of a day instead of DMing all your followers. Also, It gives you the chance to like, follow, and comment automatically in order to drive authentic related followers to your account. You can start promoting your business now.

AIGrowth has also provided a tool which can be profitable for working behind your computer which is offered as a Google Chrome Extension.

The important thing about this extension which makes it the safest Instagram tool if you log into your account with the extension, you connect to Instagram directly which keeps your information secret.

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