Instagram Hashtags, Tips and Tricks

A certain way to increase your reach on Instagram is by using Instagram hashtags but what is a hashtag and why do we need them?

A hashtag is a word or phrase with the pound sign in front of it.  Adding the pound sign makes it a clickable link.

Many people use hashtags to find other people and organizations that share their interests.  Adding Instagram hashtags to your captions instantly cast a global net while a post without a hashtag will only be seen by those who come directly to your account and since your account is new that would be limited to just the small group of people who know about it.

Which Instagram hashtags should I use?

Search for keywords that are relevant to your particular post. Before adding any Instagram hashtag you’ll want to make sure it’s appropriate through a little research. The more popular the hashtag is the bigger the potential reach.

The reason hashtags are on Instagram is to gain more exposure. If you’re not using Instagram hashtags you’re really missing out on a vital part of gaining exposure to your potential market and everyone else around the world.

Some of these large influencers who are telling you not to use hashtags they’ve already gone viral. These people are experts at Instagram, so they don’t need to use them because they already have a group of friends that help them boost as well by commenting and liking.

Instagram only allows users to use 30 hashtags on a post. Try to stay below this number. The best number is 27 hashtags. If all your Instagram hashtags are like #love, #beautiful your chance of ranking high on these hashtags are very low since these Instagram hashtags have lots of posts on them. The best way is splitting them into three categories: low, middle, and high Instagram hashtags.
The low hashtag is around zero up to about 250,000 posts on that hashtag and the medium hashtag is between 250 to 1 million posts on the Instagram hashtag and a high hashtag is 1 million and more.
So you’ve got chance of ranking on some of the smaller a lesser chance on the medium ones and if you get on one of the top ones would be fantastic.

How to find the right Instagram hashtags?

There are two different ways you can research the Instagram hashtags.


One easy way is to search Instagram hashtags personally by checking on the explore page. You should pick a topic at first. For example, you want to post about the Premier League. You should type that hashtag on Instagram and find the top 9 posts using that Instagram hashtag.

If they got on the top nine with that hashtag they are experts going to be ranking high. You can do this for another Instagram hashtags and put them in three levels of high medium and low.


Another way is to go to explore page and see what the famous Instagram hashtags are. If you get like accountants issues 50,000 likes then the best thing to do is have a look at the hashtags that have become trends.  This is one of the best ways to do, but you should also save Instagram hashtags as well. Put them in a spreadsheet so if you ever want to pull something again you can take hashtags out and it will save you a lot of time.

best Instagram hashtags

Once you find your proper Instagram hashtags you need to know how to use it. Here are some tips:

Don’t put Instagram hashtags in the comments

If you do, it increases the risk of getting Instagram shadowban.  It also shows that the person isn’t up to date with Instagram or the methods they’re using are old. This is why you need to put them in the caption.

Keep your Instagram hashtags fresh and relevant

Another issue is changing the hashtags. The hashtags need be relevant to the post and not to the profile. Do not use the same Instagram hashtags over and over.

For example, if you’re a travel blogger and you go bowling you won’t go to world traveler if you are in a bowling alley. It has to be specific because people can report you on a hashtag. Then you will be dropped off all your hashtags and sometimes even the post can be temporarily blocked.

Those are some important tips you need to know about Instagram hashtags and how you can engage with other people, but the thing is it would take a lot of time. Read here for more Instagram hashtags tips and tricks.

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