5 Ways to Get You More Followers on Instagram

get more followers on instagram

Are you wondering how to get more followers on Instagram?

Here are five things you can do right now to get more followers on Instagram:

Engage with your community

Are you commenting, Liking, following, and DMing peopel in your community every single day?

Neil Patel found that for every 100 posts that he liked, he received 6 followers in return.

That means that if you consistently like at least 100 posts per day, you can expect approximately 50 new followers every week just from Liking alone!

Use automation

Picture what you do now to grow your Instagram: posting content from your phone, Liking and commenting on other people’s posts, DMing influencers in your community etc.

Now imagine there was a magical way that you could hand off all of these small, meticulous tasks to someone else while you focus on the bigger picture stuff, like creating top-notch content for your audience.

That’s exactly what automation can do for you.

With a tool like AiGrow, for example, you can auto Like, comment, follow, unfollow, and DM people on Instagram who are using specific hashtags, following specific accounts, or who are located in specific locations.

By engaging with hundreds of people who fit your target audience every single day, you are signficantly increasing the chances of those people checking out your channel and returning the favor in the form of a Like, comment or follow.


Are you business or brand selling a product or service?

An easy way to attract new people to your page is by incentivizing your current followers to act as your recruiters.

For example, you could hold a contest offering cash prizes or free product that requires your followers to tag 3 of their friends in a comment on your latest post to enter.

This is effective because people trust their friends much more than they trust your business or brand. When people see that they’ve been tagged by their friend in a comment under your post, they’re more likely to explore your page and potentially follow you.

Post Daily

The data is in: posting 1-2 times a day grows followers four times faster than posting less than once a week according to Tailwind.

If uploading post after post from your phone sounds annoying to you, save yourself the hassle and use an Instagram scheduler.

Use influencers

Remember how we talked about how people trust their friends more than they trust some random person or business on Instagram. That’s the idea behind influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is when businesses or brands use smaller, more personal “influencers” on Instagram to advertise their products or services through sponsored posts.

The reason influencer marketing is so effective is because it turns a business-to-customer interaction into a friend-to-friend suggestion.

Even if you don’t intend on getting sales,having an influencer vouch for you to their followers opens the door to potential new followers for your own page that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

So those are 5 things you can start doing right not to get more followers on Instagram.

Know of any other quick ways to get more followers on Instagram? Share them in the comments below!

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